Welcome to Kali’s Garden – a Sanctuary for Wellbeing and Transformation

I help women to explore their inner landscapes,
break through limiting beliefs and live their most potent lives.

As a mentor, vibrational medicine and Moonology™ practitioner, I support you in personal transformation and enhanced  wellbeing within a safe, non-judgemental space, working with crystal healing, flower, gem and environmental essences and lunar magic.

…A Place to Rediscover Your Soul-Purpose and Reclaim Your Authentic Self

One-to-One Vibrational Medicine Consultations

During COVID-19 uncertainty, I am offering telephone or online video consultations.

I offer a range of support, including vibrational essences, crystal healing, colour therapy and more.

Working with the Moon

 As a certified Moonologer™, I am able to offer consultations to help you understand how you can work with the moon to support your development further.

This can also be combined with vibrational medicine healing.


Yoga and Wellbeing

 I am a qualified yoga teacher, but I am not offering classes at the moment. Please check back for further updates and for general musings on wellbeing!

Work With Me

You are welcome to arrange a free 30-minute consultation to see whether my offerings can be helpful to you on you journey. Please email me at karen@kalisgarden.co.uk to arrange a mutually convenient time and date.